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I have a fondness for dusk. This is a personal series that I paint often without a brush, stopping at a pull-out, gazing out a window as night falls. Not the blazing glory of a sunset, but the transition to night. When the sun has dropped, stillness sits, and the shapes of our light filled world merge into simpler forms. From the middle of a parking lot to a view of rolling hills, the effect is the same. We have less to overwhelm our vision and the subtlties of colors and shapes create harmonies that can carry us away.


Dusk1 Painting

Dusk 1 - Quiet on the Ranch
oil on panel
~ sold~


Dusk 2 - San Pablo Bay
oil on panel

Dusk4 Paitning

Dusk 4
oil on panel

Dusk8 Painting

Dusk 8
oil on panel

Dusk9 Painting

Dusk 9
oil on panel
~ sold~

Dusk Jepson Prairie

Dusk Jepson
oil on pane


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