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I've been a life-long maker, model builder and painter, from spaceships, planes, cars, and ships to flying model airplanes. I've always been fascinated with a world created in miniature form!

A strategy gamer for years, I completely enjoy the hobby of Warhammer 40K, Age of Sigmar and other miniature games. From science-fiction based games like Drop Zone Commander and OGRE to historical miniatures from companies like GHQ and Alnavco it's always a good time.

Plastic or resin, if you don't have the time or the skills to build and paint to the level you are after I'd be happy to help out. I typically paint game miniatures to a solid Table-Top Standard, but can go above and beyond when the need is there. I happily take on commissions, you can shoot me an email right here!

Age of Sigmar Seraphon Commission

This was a "Just make them look cool!" commission, with no guidelines from the client except to get them to a nice Table-Top Standard. My direction on this was to push the color and make them pop. I absolutely loved painting these, pushing the color, playing contrasting colors off of each other and finished in a week. So enjoyable!

Saurus - Warhammer



Warhammer 40K Imperial Knights Commission

With these Imperial Knights the client had a pretty strong idea on color ideas and bounced them off me with the "What do you think?" question. The guidelines were for super clean, bright, contrasting colors, no weathering and no decals... I was all-in! Hand painted emblems on the shields, and magnets placed at the waist on each model to facilitate travel. The Missle Pods are magnet attached as well. The client loved the work and the comments that follow when playing them. My favorite is the red and gray Imperial Warden!

Dark Age Foresaken Commission

I'm a big fan of the Dark Age skirmish game set in a post-apocalyptic world where, "Everything Dies". My main direction on these models was to keep them similar to the illustrators look and feel in the Dark Age Foresaken book. The push was to keep them gritty, but make them pop with some strong saturated colors.

Dark Eldar - Drukhari Commission


Necron Commission

This was a sizable commission with the client wanting a Necron look as illustrated in the box art, but with orange instead of lime green. This one went a little beyond just Table-Top Standard with some wet blending techniques where needed and airbrush effects for that cool Necron glow!

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